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Data from the both the Holy Cross Airport station and the Sheldon Point Airport station can help with aircraft, marine, and land transportation. By studying the weather in these villages and how it varies from the surrounding stations, a better understanding can be gained of how to forecast changes. A list of general questions are listed below which students in the villages along the Yukon River can work on. By clicking on the links for the schools listed below, more detailed problems which are relavent to their location are available for students to work on. Data can be downloaded from the historical section and used to work on mathematics and statistics problems. Contact Michael Lilly for questions on teacher applications for the ADOT&PF weather station data.

General Questions

  • How does the wind direction change each month?
  • Can the other nearby weather stations help indicate how the wind will change in Nunam Iqua?
  • How does the wind characteristics change river ice flow on the Yukon River?
  • Why can relatively humidity change with temperature changes?
  • What is the wind chill factor, what conditions makes it vary?
  • Under what conditions (temperature, dew point, vapor pressure, wind direction and speed) do you see ice fog occur?


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