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Between 11/1/2003 and 11/15/2003 a flooding event occurred. Graphs of the wind speed and direction collected during this time period have been provided and can be viewed by clicking on the appropriate links below. A wind speed and direction reading is taken every 5-seconds, beginning at the top of the hour. The Instantaneous data is the actual value taken at the top of the hour over a period the two week period. The hourly averages are the 5-second values averaged over a one hour period, beginning at the top of the hour.


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Using the graphs and links, answer the following questions.

  • Using the graphs above, describe the wind speed trends for both instantaneous and hourly wind speed and direction.
  • Were there any similarities between the wind speed and direction graphs?
  • What is a tide?
  • What causes a tide?
  • What is a tidal range/fluctuation?
  • Using the tidal predictions for Kawanak Pass entrance, Yukon River,what was the average tidal fluctuation, or range, in Nunam Iqua?
  • Are there any obvious trends in the tidal predications for Kawanak Pass?
  • What were tidal fluctuation for the time period of 11/1/03 through 11/15/03?
  • Can winds impact tide levels?
  • What directions are important for winds to impact water levels and tidal impacts?
  • Can winds decrease tidal levels?
  • What is barometric pressure?
  • Can barometric pressure impact tide levels?
  • What atmospheric and tidal conditions would result in the worst flooding conditions?
  • What do the village elders say about the causes of floods in the village?
  • Using the tidal predictions for Kawanak Pass entrance, Yukon River, what were the atmospheric and tidal conditions during the recent flooding event at Nunam Iqua?

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